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(...) After long time of failure-free work of cleaning machine installed in our company, I can objectively certify that technical solutions purposed in this device are extremely efficient and effective. Very valuable feature is fluid regeneration (...) installed OGP oil separator completely recaptures oil from the cleaning bath, which extends its durability even for a couple extra moths, usage of heat exchanger decreases electric energy consumption (...) EKO-PIL thorough filtration provides very high efficiency of fluid filtration and simultaneously eliminates usage of traditional, expensive filters. KMN 100 cleaning machine is energy-saving and aesthetically manufactured.

Braun Aesculap - Chifa sp. z o.o.

(...) Tunnel cleaning machine PMPS 400T (...) does its duty very well, the parts after cleaning obtain a very high cleanness level both on outside end hard-to-clean inside surfaces. The cleaning machine features simple and yet modern construction, which provides high quality cleaning, reduces exploitation costs to minimum and makes the machine environment-friendly. (...) No need for periodical filters exchanging, (...) very low water consumption, no fume emission outside machine system (...) low electric energy consumption as compared with other similar type devices.

Delphi Krosno S.A.

OGP 1p installed inside a cleaning machine in Metrix S.A. company significantly improved cleanness of the bath. The OGP oil separator completely eliminates oily substances which caused us problems. (...)

Metrix S.A.

(...) The device work is failure-free. Purchasing of KMN 100 cleaning machine effected in: achievement of part's surface suitable for powder painting operation, savings in consumption of water, electric energy and chemical compounds (...). We are very satisfied from this purchase of KMN 100 shower cleaning machine.

Polmo Kalisz sp. z o.o.

KMN 100 chamber cleaning machine is used in our company for cleaning crank-shafts for compressors. Modern solutions used in the machine provide excellent cleaning process. Fluid regeneration system extends bath life-time even for extra six moths, installed heat exchanger (...) provides savings in electric energy consumption. Another splendid solution is EKO-PIL thourough filtration system, which eliminates the need for standard, expensive filters allowing reduction of exploitation costs and assures efficient high-quality cleaning of the bath.

Fabryka Osprzętu Samochodowego Polmo Łódź S.A.

(...) EKO-PIL OGP 1 used in cleaning process of cast iron parts, multiplied average lifetime of cleaning bath. (...) Simple exploitation and original construction make this device extraordinarily efficient and irreplaceable. After long and reliable work I can certify that this purchase turned out to be outstandingly profitable.

Sauer-Danfoss sp. z o.o.

Toyota Motor Industries Poland uses in its Jelcz-Laskowice production plant EKO-PIL OGP oil separators. OGPs are used in our company for separation of oil from cooling emulsions of our production machines. The OGP oil separator greatly solved our problems of fluids cleaning from hydrocarbon substances (...), OGP distinguishes itself with high efficiency and reliability, Purchase of OGP oil separators turned out to be right and profitable for our company investment.

Toyota Motor Industries Poland sp. z o.o.

After long and failure-free work of OGP oil separator I can certify that technical solutions used in this device are effective and efficient. Installed oil separator collect completely all oil from water surface. (...)

Visteon Poland S.A.

Usage of OGP 3 gravitation oil separator solved our problems of cleaning fluids form hydrocarbon substances, which bothered the plant for a long time. (...) High quality workship of the device and its elements provide reliable and comfort exploitation. (...) Hydroelectric power station EW Żarnowiec S.A. recommends the OGP 3 oil separator for applications connected with separation of hydrocarbon substances from water.

Elektrownia Wodna Żarnowiec S.A.